School secretaries in a class of their own


Sir, – We have a day to celebrate the wonderful work of mothers in Mother’s Day, and of fathers in Father’s Day. Is it now time we celebrated the Trojan work done by school secretaries?

Usually women and often mothers themselves, they are the first representative of the school to speak to prospective parents and pupils; they sort and deal with all the incoming email and post; they act as the PAs to busy and stressed-out principals.

It is our school secretaries who hold the show together in so many ways.

In my years of teaching in various schools, both here in Ireland and abroad, I have been impressed by how a good secretary can make such a huge contribution to the efficiency and positive atmosphere of a school, while working in cramped conditions and for low pay.

At this time of year, as schools face the end of the last term and prepare for the beginning of a new school year (not to mention exams!), I propose that we designate a “School Secretary Day” to show how much we value the wonderful work they do, often above and beyond their job description.



Dublin 7.