Donor-conceived children


Sir, – Minister for Children Katherine Zappone says that the incorrect registration of births between 1946-1969 is “another failure by the State”, that she is “truly sorry”, that “people have a right to know who they are” (“Incorrect registration of births ‘another failure by the State’”, News, May 29th).

Today donor-conceived children are systematically placed, with the State’s knowledge, in the same predicament.

Their birth certificates carry the names of one, sometimes two, people who are not their genetic parents. The majority of donor-conceived children are not told the truth.

Does the Minister and our Government consider this “another failure by the State”?

Our Government refuses to protect these children, by refusing to commence the 2015 ban on the use of anonymous parentage in the fertility industry and commence the obligatory registration of donor-conceived births.

We know this is going on today.

Where is our horror? – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.