Revitalisation of Cork Dockands


Sir, – It was with great delight that I read that the plans for the revitalisation of Cork Docklands are to involve the restoration and repurposing of the old Odlums Flour Mill, or “The National Flour Mills” to those who worked there, myself included, being the third generation of my family to do so back in the 1980s.

My father worked in “The Mill” for 51 years and he followed his two uncles.

Behind the grime and decades of dust lies a beautiful building which holds great memories for generations of workers. Lifelong friendships were made in “The Mill”. As a SIPTU industrial organiser representing thousands of manufacturing workers across Cork I hope that the industries and trades will be reflected in the names of any new buildings or avenues.

Furthermore I hope that when the ribbon is being cut for the opening of these new apartments an invite will be extended to the most important dignitaries of all, the workers who made Kennedy Quay such a vibrant and productive part of our beautiful city.

– Yours, etc,


Vice President

Cork Council of Trade Unions

Lamps Quay, Cork.