Returning the axe to rural Ireland


Sir, – The recent find of an axehead is of great news for the county of Limerick and most people of Ireland interested in history (Home News, April 9th).

Unfortunately this artefact when examined will only be viewable permanently in Dublin.

Dublin is the destination for all things including jobs at the expense of rural areas of Ireland.

It is clearly understandable that objects of antiquity and books and letters etc should be properly preserved, however, is it not time that historical objects should be viewable close to those locations where they were found?

The policy in Ireland seems to believe that Dublin is the be all and end all and those beyond the Pale would not appreciate such things!

With regard to the axehead find, a replica should be produced that could be displayed in the Adare Heritage Centre along with other valuable objects such as the Ardagh Chalice, the Mungret Bell and all the gold objects recently found at Lough Gur. – Yours, etc,


Co Limerick.