Religious services and Level 3


Sir, – I am very saddened that there are no public Masses in the Dublin area at present. As a daily communicant, it is upsetting that I, along with many other practising Catholics, are unable to receive the Holy Eucharist for a number of weeks.

The Eucharist is our spiritual nourishment and therefore the Mass is “an essential service”.

Since the restrictions on public worship were lifted on June 29th, the church has made huge strides in keeping it a safe environment for all its parishioners.

There have been no clusters or outbreaks of Covid-19 due to church gatherings, and hundreds of stewards across the country, in conjunction with their parish priests, have gone to tremendous lengths to ensure the safety of all.

Having participated in stewarding myself, I have witnessed how abiding church-goers have been to social distancing, hand sanitising and mask-wearing while inside.

We are the only city in Europe at present that is banning public worship, despite higher incidences of Covid-19 cases in those countries.

Many countries around the world currently have outdoor Mass celebrations where the parishioners can safely adhere to the guidelines.

There is also the option of people sitting in their respective cars in church car parks, or standing outside around the church with masks and being socially distanced, while participating in the Mass.

The priests could use microphones and loudspeakers could be installed outside so all those present could hear the word of God.

I’m these challenging days for us all, we need the Lord’s sustenance to strengthen and fortify us in the weeks and months ahead. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.

Sir, – I see that four archbishops have asked the Taoiseach to let people go to Mass (News, October 9th).

God be with the days when one archbishop, John Charles McQuaid, ruled and told the country to go to Mass. – Yours, etc,

Very Rev



Co Antrim.