Operation Fanacht


Sir, – It appears that the Garda commissioner has decided that the way to slow Covid-19 transmission is by creating huge tailbacks and traffic jams.

Perhaps an additional means of slowing the transmission of the virus would be the introduction of a new national speed limit – 20km/h per hour would definitely slow transmission. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – We are all aware of the rising surge in cases of Covid-19 that’s happening at the moment and reasons why the country was put into Level 3 status since Tuesday night.

The blame has been laid on people having house parties, large gatherings and non-socially distancing events.

But how do we stop this? The Garda Síochána, in its wisdom, decided that stopping people going to work was the solution and launched Operation Fanacht.

So it blocked the major arteries into and out of the capital during morning and evening rush-hours, causing mayhem on the roads, with tailbacks for kilometres. Harry McGee reports (News, October 8th) that Fianna Fáil TD Pádraig O’Sullivan noted that “hauliers and delivery companies missed deadlines and ferry crossings after being stuck in traffic”.

Are the Government and the Garda­under the impression that we can all decide to work from home or even stay there without consequences?

I work in construction where if you don’t show up for work, you don’t get paid. And if you don’t show up for a long duration of time, someone else will be doing your job.

I’m sure this applies to retail, hospitality, manufacturing and most employment sectors.

Our healthcare workers and essential workforce were also stuck in these tailbacks.

Can you stop impeding people trying to stay afloat and making a living and, more importantly, keeping the country running?

If house parties, large gatherings and non-socially distancing events are the issue, go and look for these events and leave the workers alone.

Very few of these events happen at 7am or 5pm. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

Sir, – It seems that it is now preferable to antagonise law-abiding citizens than to deal with the real problem that has us where we are, those citizens who do not abide by the law. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 12.