Political vacuum in Northern Ireland


Sir, – I cannot comprehend why the sensible people of Northern Ireland continue to vote for the extreme parties who do not seem to know the word “compromise”. In our families, in our social life , in our work, life functions through compromise. Children aged two have temper tantrums until they learn that life is full of “give and take”.

Here we are 10 months after an election and we still have no government. Civil servants are unable to take the decisions essential for health, education, employment, justice, and the budget and all the other matters that a devolved government ought to be doing. That is why we elected MLAs and continue to pay them.

Under devolution there were cross-party committees composed of representatives from all the parties dealing with all aspects of government. Looming over us all is Brexit and all the problems it will bring.

If the Assembly were in action, hopefully there would be a cross-party committee making sure that Northern Ireland had a voice and that our interests were protected. – Yours, etc,