Not time for a four-day week


Sir – We have a cohort of public sector workers, recently awarded pay increases, now being further indulged by Dublin City Councillors passing a motion calling for a pilot scheme for a four-day week for council workers.

The motion apparently was approved by all 63 councillors at the meeting this week.

Is there really nobody on the council at all who will speak up or question the appropriateness of this pilot scheme at this time? Did we really elect a council who all think exactly the same way? Will four days be sufficient for workers to do five days’ work?

Will the workers remain on full pay for working a day less? And will there be visibility on the success or failure of the pilot?

Also, who will decide on whether or not the pilot has been a success?

Notwithstanding these questions, I would respectfully suggest to our councillors that they wait until our city has recovered, got up off its knees and that many of the closed businesses on the high street fully reopen so that the necessary rates etc are collected by the council to fund the services a modern city requires to fully function.

– Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.