Frost, Lewis and the NI protocol


Sir, – The article written by David Frost, UK Brexit minister, and Brandon Lewis, UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Opinion, July 2nd) regarding the problems with the Northern Ireland protocol quote the results of recent polling from LucidTalk which show that there is a 50/50 split in public opinion on the protocol.

I note that they do not quote the 55.8 per cent of voters in Northern Ireland who voted in 2016 to remain in the European Union. – Yours, etc,



Co Offaly.

Sir, – The Frost/Lewis claim that the protocol is set by EU law is disingenuous to say the least (Opinion, July 3rd). The British government pushed the protocol legislation through their parliament so forcefully it required legislation that would forbid elected public representatives from scrutinising the details of what UK prime minister Boris Johnson sold so proudly as his “oven-ready deal”.

They did this with all of the hubris that typifies Mr Lewis, his prime minister, and the unelected Mr Frost who negotiated the very deal which he now so pathetically seeks to distance himself from.

In attempting to hide the truth of what they have done, the Brexiters corruption of language itself may be of little consequence for them, but here in Ireland we cannot and will not forget their blatant disregard for Ireland’s interest when it rubbed up against a spiteful in-fight within the Tory party.

– Yours, etc,


New Ross,

Co Wexford.