Marketing junk food


Sir, – Chris Macey is right to be sceptical about the new measures to curb junk food marketing (“Code of practice on junk food marketing worthless”, Opinion & Analysis, February 28th). Voluntary codes don’t work; they are simply a sop to industry.

Chris Macey and his colleagues in the Irish Heart Foundation are among the few voices of reason in a debate dominated by an industry that routinely blames its victims for the obesity crisis.

Instead of banning advertising to under-16s, we are told that if only kids would get out more – stretch those legs! – the problem would go away.

After decades of listening to this drivel, Ireland is on course to become one of the most obese nations in the developed world.

One day all of us will realise that the obligation to protect our children is greater than the so-called freedom to peddle junk food. In the meantime, Chris Macey’s courage and moral clarity deserve support. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.