The Eighth Amendment


Sir, – The severe and disruptive weather being forecast for the next few days might – quite rightly – remind us of people in our community who may be vulnerable or isolated, or of the many people who will experience extreme distress because they are unable to continue with important travel arrangements.

Whenever this happens I can’t help but think of the women, also vulnerable and isolated, who were planning to travel to the UK for an abortion over the next few days.

These women have paid for tickets, taken time off work, and arranged for childcare. To leave their home country under a cloak of stigma and shame is difficult enough, but now they are likely to have to endure added uncertainty and stress.

A fitting punishment I’m sure a few people might argue, but my heart goes out to them. I hope that they know they haven’t been forgotten.

I am optimistic that modern Ireland’s community spirit will shine through on referendum day, so we can put a stop to this shameful and unnecessary suffering by repealing the Eighth Amendment. – Yours, etc,


Kinvara, Co Galway.

A chara, – Orla O’Connor (February 28th) refers to “abortion care” on three occasions. On the third occasion she states, “abortion care . . . is not a euphemism”. In this respect she is correct; abortion care is not a euphemism: it’s an oxymoron. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 9.