Interviews with Ministers


Sir, – For the entire festive season your newspaper was dominated by friendly interviews with ministers and front-page “exclusives” that amounted to little more than general statements of intent by the same individuals. An outside observer would be led to believe from all of this that we are led by a dynamic bunch of high achievers and that the solutions to all of our problems are in hand.

And then, in time to accompany new year hangovers, another picture suddenly appeared on the front pages. Record homelessness, record numbers of people waiting on trollies and Ministers showing leadership by placing the blame squarely on “the system”.

What happened? What went wrong? How did everything turn in only a few days?

Perhaps if even a degree of rigour had been used in challenging Ministers on what they are actually doing during these interviews or in placing their “exclusives” we might not be so shocked? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.