‘Hook should be challenged, not silenced’


A chara, – Kitty Holland (“George Hook should be challenged, not silenced”, Opinion & Analysis, September 14th) suggests that “Today’s thought police see themselves as very different to those of 70 years ago”.

I am sure they do. That doesn’t mean they are. The process is the same. “I am on the moral high ground, you are a sinner. You must repent and do penance”. “Sinner” has been replaced with denunciations such as “fascist”, even though the word is invariably misused.

Hook might have got what he deserved, but even people who have had the temerity to denounce him while reasonably and cautiously bringing up issues regarding freedom of speech are subject to the same treatment. – Is mise,


Kilkea, Co Kildare.

Sir, – How refreshing to read Kitty Holland’s article. In it she reminded us, “The only person responsible for rape is a rapist”. Keep it simple. – Yours, etc,



Co Laois.

Sir, – Allow me to congratulate your writer Kitty Holland for demonstrating an intelligent awareness of the unfortunate tendency in Ireland to want to censor and silence those with whose opinions one doesn’t agree. – Yours, etc,


Harold’s Cross,

Dublin 6W.

Sir, –The Solidarity Party is boycotting Newstalk because of the George Hook affair by refusing interviews.

Can I implore it to boycott all the rest of the TV and radio stations in Ireland too?– Yours, etc,