Holding the balance of power


Sir, – Martin Mansergh writes that “Any party in the DUP’s position [the party has 10 MPs] after the Westminster election, holding the balance of power, would have used it to extract as much advantage for Northern Ireland as reasonably possible” (“Patience of McGuinness a useful example for North’s deadlocked parties”, Opinion & Analysis, July 11th).

If Sinn Féin (seven MPs) had been in the DUP’s position, would the party have abandoned its policy of abstentionism from Westminster in order to prop up a minority Tory government? Well, perhaps not.

However, if it were a case of supporting a minority Labour administration led by Jeremy Corbyn, I think the party might be persuaded to ditch its current policy and take its seats in the British parliament.

Given Theresa May’s government’s precarious situation, such a scenario may come to pass sooner rather than later. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.