Getting excited about co-living flats


Sir, – Co-living apartments offer an exciting choice to young workers, the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy says (“Co-living apartments offer ‘exciting choice’ to young workers, says Minister”, News, May 21st). I wouldn’t love the excitement of going to the kitchen to cook my dinner, only to find that one of my co-residents has left the kitchen in a mess with a sink full of dishes and the counter-tops dirty, then having to knock on doors to find the culprit, and eventually, maybe an hour later, getting access to the kitchen to cook my dinner.

Young workers don’t need that kind of excitement, Minister. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.

Sir, – I read with mounting horror of the supposed new housing solution of “co-living”.

In previous centuries, we had tenements with overcrowding and consequent discomfort, stress and illness. Is this the way we should be treating our younger generation in need of a home? No wonder large numbers of young people are emigrating.

The children’s nursery rhyme about the homeless single mother with a large family being housed in an item of footwear may yet become a reality. – Yours, etc,




Co Galway.