The US and Iran and fears of war


Sir, – Suzanne Lynch’s conclusion that the tensions in US-Iran relations “could easily tip over into conflict” should raise fear and anger in our hearts (“Fraught US-Iran relations could tip over into war”, Analysis, World News, May 16th).

Donald Trump and his hawkish aides John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have torn up the Iran nuclear deal which guaranteed non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region and have since imposed draconian sanctions on the people of Iran.

It now looks like they are gearing up for any minor pretext to attack Iran.

The last thing that the war-torn Middle East, and indeed our fragile world, needs is yet another brutal war that will lead to appalling destruction and human suffering.

There is no cause for this dangerous war-mongering, except of course Mr Trump’s eye on the next election, which is why, should he decide to visit Ireland, we must protest vigorously against him and also demand that the Irish Government condemn this brinkmanship and publicly oppose any military action against Iran. – Yours, etc,


Irish Anti-War


PO Box 9260,

Dublin 1.