GDPR and data rights


Sir, – Jennifer O’Connell’s article “GDPR: Everything you need to know” (May 19th) quite correctly highlights the increased risk of litigation against businesses who breach data rights. However, it is also important to highlight that many policies of business or professional insurance do not cover, or expressly exclude, breaches relating to confidentiality or data protection.

This should be a particular concern for sole traders, who will not have a company between them and any litigation. Further, many sole traders hold surprisingly sensitive data for the size of their enterprise; professionals such as pension brokers, dentists, doctors, or legal professionals could have a high personal risk in the event of a data breach.

This ought be a matter of keen concern, for although it will be open to businesses to try to persuade the Data Protection Commission not to impose a fine, even where there has been a breach, compensation will be calculated based on damage suffered by data subjects. There will be no fool’s pardon. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 18.