Slide in support for Government


Sir, – Further to your recent opinion poll, Leo Varadkar’s watch-and-wait style of politics is indicative of an indecisive nature that fears being on the wrong side of any issue. Waiting to see which way the political winds are blowing before acting is not a trait that can be equated with true leadership.

He can show off his socks and spin away to his heart’s content, but avoiding true political engagement with important issues does not augur well for his tenure as leader of a political party. He seems to be playing at politics instead of fully engaging.

He likes to lead at one remove, sending others out to do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, this type of posturing doesn’t butter any political parsnips.

The more I see of him, the more I get the impression that he’s nothing more than a transition-year Taoiseach on work experience. If he’s not careful he might be getting a “leaving cert” earlier than he thinks. – Yours, etc,


Howth, Co Dublin.