First steps towards unity

Sir, – Any discussion on border polls and future unification North and South as advocated by Sinn Féin needs to be tempered by a discussion on how we could have a unified country that embraces and respects all traditions.

Would we be willing to write a new all-embracing constitution, adopt a new national anthem and replace the Tricolour with a national flag that all potential citizens can have pride in.

Would this new Ireland be willing to join the Commonwealth as a recognition of the heritage of the unionist community?

For any future reunification to ever work, it cannot follow the Sinn Féin narrative, and it needs to be a country where all traditions feel welcome. – Yours, etc,



Kinsale, Co Cork.

Sir, – If we did a good bit of the unifying first, then I too would support a Border poll. – Yours, etc,


Harold’s Cross,

Dublin 6W.