Boris Johnson on the campaign trail

Sir, – Ken Andrew (Letters, November 16th) disagrees with Donald Clarke's description of Boris Johnson's "casual" election video as "transparently bogus and irresistibly laughable" ("Awright, Boris! The meaning of Boris Johnson's walkabout video", Online, November 15th). But how else to characterise Mr Johnson's distinctly lacklustre performance on the campaign trail so far?

The British prime minister’s lowlight was at a Somerset primary school when struggling to remember the words to the nursery rhyme The Wheels on the Bus. More seriously, he was unable to give a straight answer to a four-year-old girl who asked him the direct question: “How many children do you have?”

Despite current strong Tory polling, the opposition parties must be heartened by how strikingly awkward Boris has been when meeting the public.

Indeed, he’s proving to be a vacuous personality with nothing to offer beyond a blatantly selfish notion of what’s good for himself and the slogan: “Get Brexit Done”. – Yours, etc,



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