Fianna Fáil and building homes


A chara, – Contrary to the view of a letter writer (Letterss, September 24th), Fianna Fáil did not “outsource” home-building. Local authorities during the Noughties were cumulatively building about 4,000 new homes each year. Even in 2009, a total of 3,362 new builds were provided by local councils.

Fine Gael’s home-building record is abysmal. There were just 320 new builds by local authorities in 2016; 1,014 in 2017; and 2,022 in 2018. These are lower rates than any other decade in the State’s history.

After nine years in power, it is clear that Fine Gael’s priority is not in home-building. The provision of social and affordable housing is a key priority for Fianna Fáil. It differentiates us from this Government. The voters will be able to make their choice soon if they share that priority. – Is mise,


( Fianna Fáil),

Gorey, Co Wexford.