Elvis Presley and Brendan Bowyer


Sir, — In her report on the death of singer Brendan Bowyer, Deirdre Falvey noted that Elvis Presley was “a fan of Bowyer” (“Showband star Bowyer dies in Las Vegas at 81”, News, May 30th).

In 1966 the UK-published Elvis Monthly featured a two-page spread of Elvis and Brendan’s first meeting as they talked on the Hollywood set of Presley’s latest movie, Spinout.

I carefully extracted the photo of the pair and sent it to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, politely requesting Elvis to sign it. Four weeks later an air-mail envelope arrived in Monkstown, Co Dublin, containing the same photo I had sent, now with “Best wishes, Elvis Presley” written on it in blue biro.

I always meant to ask Brendan Bowyer to sign it too. Now it is too late.

Deirdre Falvey noted that Presley attended Bowyer’s “Vegas concerts at the Stardust Resort”. Elvis did so in the late 1960s, as he nervously readied himself for a return to live performance in Las Vegas in August 1969 after an eight-year absence from the stage.

Anyone who ever saw Brendan Bowyer perform live will remember what a dynamic experience it was.

Elvis would have watched the Waterford singer’s moves closely as Brendan worked his audience up into a state of excitement. To win the friendship and admiration of the King of Rock and Roll was no mean compliment. Brendan Bowyer deserved it. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.