Covid in primary schools


Sir, – While reading about the huge jump in Covid cases in primary schools, I am wondering how badly is this affecting the children contracting the virus?

Are they hospitalised, on ventilators, or simply running high temperatures with flu-like symptoms for a few days?

This is an honest question, as we are not hearing about how these children are being treated for Covid-19. If it turns out that they are recovering quickly without any long-term effects, maybe this is nature’s way of dealing with Covid in the younger generation.

Once they are over it they may develop an immunity as strong if not stronger than a vaccination. If this is the case, then perhaps sending their schoolmates home to isolate is a poor conclusion.

Maybe it would be better to treat it like the common cold or flu, and let it take its course through the schoolroom, thus building up a natural immunity for all the young people.

– Yours, etc,



Co Tipperary.