Garthhog Day


Sir, – Bad enough that Covid forced us all into a Groundhog Day-like existence for a year and a half, must the torture be compounded by the Garth Brooks three-day/five-day concert debate being resurrected?

– Yours etc,


Quin, Co Clare.

A chara, – Permission for three concerts a year exists in Croke Park. Garth Brooks is reportedly seeking to extend it to five. He was refused permission to extend seven years ago. Why does he think that he may overturn it this time? Covid has played havoc with events. Should our own acts not be given precedence?

The local residents are objecting to an extension. It is a huge intrusion on them and their rights to peaceful living. Why does he think he can ignore them?

If he is of the same mind as heretofore he may cancel. Why upset country music lovers?

– Le meas,


Caisleán Cnucha,

Baile Átha Cliath 15.