Couples and housework


Sir, – While I enjoyed and agree with the message of Jennifer O’Connell’s article on housework (Magazine, May 18th), I was disappointed with the initial premise of the argument ,”If you need two full-time salaries – as many families do – the workload at home needs to be split somewhere around 50-50”.

What about single-income families? Does the fact that I “don’t work” mean that I am responsible for 100 per cent of the housework? Because we are living on one income does this mean that my husband has no need to involve himself in domestic duties? While I realise I am fortunate to be a stay-at-home parent (who, by the way, is rarely at home), I find it old fashioned to therefore exclude me and my ilk from any kind of domestic equality.

And yes, my husband does his fair share of housework and family logistics when he is at home. And yes, he gets far too much praise for this from other women. The fact that he makes the school lunches every morning before leaving for work and has been known on occasion to do the ironing at the weekend is talked about with awe and admiration, and not without a hint of derision towards me. Imagine it. Spoilt I am, apparently. – Yours, etc,