Councils spraying weedkiller


Sir, – Reading about the threat to bees, the wiping out of wildflowers, etc, leaves me exasperated by the “lazy man’s attitude” of local authorities and those charged with keeping grass growth along roads and in housing estates safe, neat and aesthetically trimmed during the mowing season.

It is very noticeable that toxic weedkiller is being extensively used along grass verges, at the base of stanchions, posts, pillars and buttresses that support road-traffic warning signs, signposts and safety crash barriers on all grades of our roadways. Primarily and most harmfully this attacks our ecosystem and savagely challenges our biodiversity but it also defeats its prime purpose by leaving ugly swathes of brown, dead vegetation which will soon be replaced by hardy but unsightly weeds. All this ruin and damage could be avoided if time were taken to clip properly such overgrowth in an eco-friendly fashion. – Yours, etc,