Countering China’s threat


Sir, –While the rush to arms by the “Aukus” triple alliance is understandable in attempting to limit China’s growing aggressiveness in the Asia-Pacific region, there is another way, less likely to lead to an accidental armed conflict, which should be employed to combat China’s growing threat to democracy (“China accuses Australia, UK and US of ‘double standards’ over security pact”, News, September 16th).

Simply stop buying products which are manufactured in China. Bring manufacturing back to Europe and the US. This would have the knock-on effect of reducing the appeal of extremists in our own countries.

Much fanfare was made of the delivery of masks and other medical items on a special delivery from China during the early stages of the pandemic. While we all enjoy the cheap goods manufactured in China, those same cheap goods, often produced in factories which have far less employee and health and safety safeguards than are legally required in factories in Europe, are undermining democracy and empowering China in its growth and aggressiveness stance.

Europe is being hypocritical in increasing its business links with China, while at the same time condemning China for its treatment of the Uighur, Hong Kong, Tibet and its threat to the democratic nation of Taiwan.

If Europe were to reduce its trading with China, bringing some of the jobs back to Europe or outsourcing them instead to fledging democratic nations, it would be far more effective in curbing China’s aggression than sending a fleet of warships to the Pacific. – Yours, etc,



Co Carlow.