Conscientious objections to abortion


Sir, – Much of the current debate around conscientious objections to any abortion law revolves around the medical profession. But serious and grave objections extend far beyond this and such reservations must be accommodated by our Government.

From the cleaner asked to prepare an abortion theatre to the public official requested to order the required medication, there is a wide gamut of people sucked into the industry of terminations. No government has a right to ride roughshod over their moral opposition.

Neither should the taxpayer who has serious misgivings, be requested to pay for elective procedures carried out on healthy mothers and healthy unborn babies. To do so at the behest and on behalf of citizens living in another jurisdiction is frankly and literally unconscionable. Yet this is what is proposed by extending abortion procedures to people living in Northern Ireland

The Government would like to normalise the intentional termination of the lives of the unborn. This will not happen. The citizens have spoken, listen carefully to what they have said. The law of the land is to be set by our politicians. They need to reflect carefully on what proposals they will support. Oppression of conscientious objectors , any conscientious objectors, will lead to continuing unrest and eventual political instability. – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.