Clifford-Lee’s apology


Sir, – Intolerance is not born, it is learned and thus runs deep. This is perhaps the reason that Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee’s apology seems very hollow (“Lorraine Clifford-Lee reiterates apology over Traveller comments”, News, November 15th).

Although protesting that she has “evolved” this past nine years into a more tolerant person, the words she wrote remained in the public domain and she made no effort to address them until a third party brought them to the attention of the general public in what appears to be an attempt to damage her election prospects.

Since the controversy broke, Ms Clifford-Lee has not given any indication as to where she believes her prejudice came from, how and when she identified her failing, and what measures she employed to cure herself of it.

Her statements are all the more depressing and worrying as they were coming from a person trained in the law.

It is really unimaginable how a well-balanced, thinking person could hold the views that her tweeted words suggest, and it is vital that we fully understand what lies behind what emerged.

Rather than resigning, Ms Clifford-Lee should stop apologising and take action to rid us of prejudice and intolerance. She should become a facilitator for the promotion of a tolerant, inclusive, fair and just society.

Given the state of our society today, she would not want for things to do. – Yours, etc,