Boris Johnson’s walkabout video

Sir, – Donald Clarke thinks Boris Johnson's walkabout video is a "transparently bogus and irresistibly laughable " attempt to be a man of the people ("Awright, Boris! The meaning of Boris Johnson's walkabout video", Online , November 15th).

Far from being transparently bogus, he is one of those rare politicians whose peccadillos and imperfections are accepted by the people who will vote for him in the coming election.

Perhaps it’s why the wet and bedraggled blunt Yorkshire folk flooded out of their homes and giving it to the British prime minister in the neck this week still insisted on calling him Boris. Donald Clarke should heed the words of another Irishman, Brendan Behan, who concluded that “ all publicity is good, except an obituary notice”. – Yours, etc,



Cobh, Co Cork.