Campaigning TD O’Sullivan bows out


Sir, – I was saddened to learn of Maureen O’Sullivan’s decision not to contest the forthcoming election (News, January 16th).

Apart from her constituency work and tackling of issues such as addiction, mental health, disability, housing, and community empowerment, she also highlighted the stomach-churning cruelty of live hare coursing and tried, like the late Tony Gregory before her, to get it banned via a Private Member’s Bill.

Despite opinion polls showing a big majority in favour of a ban, the Bill was heavily defeated in 2016 when the large parties whipped their TDs into voting it down.

I hope that the next Dáil will see another move to rid Ireland of this so-called “traditional rural pastime”.

When this medieval practice is finally banned, the history books will record that it was Tony Gregory and Maureen O’Sullivan who set the political process in motion that resulted in the long-overdue protection of the Irish hare from cruelty dressed up as “sport.”

I wish Maureen O’ Sullivan a happy retirement from politics. although I suspect she’ll continue to be active in support of the many projects and causes she cherished in the course of her dedicated service as a TD. – Yours, etc,


Campaign for the Abolition

of Cruel Sports,


Co Kilkenny.