Electoral preferences


Sir, – Many potential voters are deeply concerned about national issues such as homelessness, affordable housing and the utter incapability of successive governments to recognise throwing money at a broken health system is not a solution. A complete overhaul of the health system is necessary. For such voters, the problem is who can they vote for that can make that change. Based on past experience, a government cobbled together supporting either of the two major parties certainly will not bring meaningful change. For anyone with those national concerns, there isn’t any choice for change. – Yours, etc,



Co Meath.

Sir, – As election candidates have called to my door, I have asked each one of them to state clearly that if they are elected to the Dáil that they will serve their full term and not stand for the European Parliament during that term. It is not for me to tell media outlets their business but it would be a public service if they were to ask party leaders to declare that they would not nominate sitting TDs as party candidates for the European Parliament. – Yours, etc,