Britain’s ‘rebound relationship’ with the US


Sir, – As Theresa May meets Donald Trump with the intention of reinforcing the “special relationship” with the US, I can only think that Britain is embarking on a “rebound relationship”.

Often, following a divorce, the newly freed-up partners may embark on a new relationship very quickly. Friends and family look on with worry that the new partner is “trouble” and “unsuitable”. They often see the new partner as taking advantage of someone who is vulnerable. The newly separated person wants to move on and reinforce their original decision and independence.

Britain is in the same position. It wants to prove that it has made the right decision. It wants to show that it can stand on its own merits, free of the EU. However, its choice of partner in Donald Trump’s US may end in tears as their mutual objectives are different. While Britain wants to open up new trading opportunities, the US is trending towards isolation and “America First”.

The outcome of this “special relationship” will be a disappointment. – Yours, etc,



Co Limerick.