Bourgeois pretentiousness?


Sir, – In response to Eoin MacMahon (Letters, July 10th) and his concerns regarding the “exasperated Limerick citizens” having to explain the lack of an opera house in the Opera Centre, may I reassure him that I think they’ll be fine. After explaining the relevance of the name (Patrick Street was the birthplace of Catherine Hayes, a famous opera singer), they will then direct them to visit some of the older treasures of the city, like the Hunt Museum or St Mary’s Cathedral. Larger towns and cities that have suffered over the years need and welcome reinvention. Regarding the “bourgeois pretentiousness” Mr MacMahon refers to, I must admit that having grown up in the city, I don’t recall being exposed to it excessively, but I am sure someone based in Killaloe might. – Yours, etc,


Ennis,Co Clare.