Bourgeois pretentiousness?


Sir, – Alas, it seems that Limerick city has no ambition to host an opera house, although it has designated an unrelated site “The Opera Centre”. This deceptive title, not unpredictably, reeks of bourgeois pretentiousness and pomposity. Pity the exasperated Limerick citizen who’ll have to explain, yet again, to the addled visitor that the “Opera Centre” does not have an opera house.

I humbly propose to Limerick’s city worthies an alternative title, one equally vacuous and therefore equally worthy, for this august complex, namely “The Irish Space, Aviation and Aeronautics Campus”.

I know that the unsuspecting tourist will not find therein the slightest trace of advanced rocketry or propulsion systems, but neither will he or she find an opera. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.