Be safe and be seen on roads and footpaths


Sir, – It is the time of year when the evenings are closing in and visibility is getting worse earlier each day.

The other evening, while driving through Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, at dusk, I came upon a jogger who, despite the footpath beside him, was jogging on the roadway, with his back to me and no reflective clothing or lighting whatsoever. If I hadn’t seen him and had knocked him down, he never would have known what hit him, and no matter how much I might be considered to be in the wrong, he would still be seriously injured or dead.

I appeal to joggers, pedestrians and cyclists to please use reflective or at least bright clothing and lights from now on and to make themselves more visible to motorists, and for pedestrians and joggers to travel facing traffic, and to use footpaths where they are available, for their own safety.

Motorists must make sure all their lights are working and to switch on dipped headlights as soon as visibility becomes in any way impaired, including in failing light, rainy conditions and fog or mist. – Yours, etc,



Co Carlow.