Asylum seekers and Irish emigration


Sir, – Yet again on your letters page the old line of “weren’t we Irish once migrants as well” is raised by Hugh Pierce (October 29th). Yes we were. And when we went to the US there wasn’t free health care, three meals a day and a roof over our head at the taxpayers’ expense. – Yours, etc,


Kilkee, Co Clare.

Sir, – Thank you, Fintan O’Toole, for reminding those who need reminding of our own history and indeed present, as immigrants (Opinion, October 29th). Some of us are complicit in ill treatment of immigrants to our country because of our complacency. Others actively campaign to prevent them coming here. Both attitudes are unacceptable. St Francis’s lovely prayer reminds us that in giving we receive – a fact that we all need to remember.


Co Na Gaillimhe.