Assassination of Qassem Soleimani


Sir, – January 3nd, 2021, marks the first anniversary of the reckless assassination of the late Gen Qassem Soleimani by the direct order of the so-called leader of the free world. His killing was a deliberate abuse of power and an inherently criminal act carried out in total disregard for moral principles, conventional norms and international law. Qassem Soleimani was the complete antithesis of Donald Trump in almost every respect including his personal character, lifestyle and world view. Mr Trump has proven to be egocentric, avaricious, materialistic and arrogant both in his personal conduct as well as in his official performance. Indeed, Mr Trump ordered the most cowardly assassination of a man whose character represented the exact opposite of his. Of course, Mr Trump didn’t act alone. His ill-minded inner circle and the system operating under his command were also complicit in orchestrating such a criminal act.

To lay the groundwork for such a heinous act, Gen Soleimani had been persistently demonised by the Trump administration. Ironically, however, this venomous demonisation increased his popularity. For people whose security and lives he protected, Gen Soleimani was a symbol of triumph over Isis, the biggest terrorist machine the world has ever seen. The world will never forget his massive funeral and that of his comrades in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere, which surpassed all conventional expectations for commemorations of devoted heroes.

One year has since passed. Now, Mr Trump is finished but Gen Soleimani’s influence has grown rather than diminished. The spirit of his strong character endures and his vibrant legacy continues to inspire present and future young generations to remain steadfast against bullying terrorists, be it Isis or its sponsors.

Alarmingly, this type of extra-judicial assassination was repeated in the case of Prof Mohsen Fakhrizade, the top Iranian nuclear scientist who was innocently targeted last month right before the eyes of his wife.

However, this reprehensible killing will also fail to weaken Iran’s resolve to live up to its goals and fulfil its rights.

Iran has consistently emerged stronger from such illegal transgressions. Iran has continually exerted maximum self-restraint in confronting violent provocations by the US and Israel as glorified by them.

Had it not been for Iran’s principled diplomacy and measured response, the world could have been on the verge of yet another devastating war.

Within a wider perspective, the toleration and normalisation of such acts of terror go against the collective interest of the international community.

The international community must be unequivocal in condemning and fighting all forms of terrorism. Continued passivity, indifference and double-standards will only be conducive to the continuation of more terrorist atrocities. – Yours, etc,



Embassy of the Islamic

Republic of Iran,


Co Dublin.