Pressure on fish stocks


Sir, – It should not have been a surprise that during the Brexit talks fish became such an important issue.

With declining fish stocks throughout the world, is it any wonder that the EU and UK saw this as a very important issue for food security in the future?

Let us make no mistake – the contribution that fish makes to feeding us humans throughout the world is immense, and with a world population that has doubled since 1970, it is not surprising that countries throughout the world are trying to secure fishing rights.

Boats have become larger and larger travelling further and further from their home countries to catch fewer and fewer fish.

What is needed now is for the world to realise that it must embark on a programme of sustainable fishing and protection of our seas from also being used as a dumping ground for waste, such as the problem of plastic pollution which is killing fish but also finding its way into our food chain. Climate change and looking after our seas as a source of food are tied together.

It seems squabbling over fish quotas should be long past.

What is required is a new programme based on the sustainability of our fishing stocks. Ireland as an island has a great deal to benefit from such a programme now and into the future. – Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.