Responsibility and Covid restrictions


Sir, – With the continuing escalation of the Covid pandemic, will we ever see people taking responsibility for their own actions?

In the media, it has become the norm for interviewees to refer to “they” when referring to our authorities, particularly in the context of unpopular restrictions, initiatives, regulations, etc.

“We” elect our public representatives to act on our behalf and “we” must acknowledge that.

“We” must take responsibility and follow carefully calculated and considered guidelines and restrictions as implemented and not view them as unjust punishment.

Being involved in a business that is greatly affected by any restriction of trade, I cannot say that I like it but understand that there is no option if we are to defeat Covid and save lives – the lives of staff, customers and suppliers.

Losing the Christmas experience with my family was heart-wrenching, an experience no different to that of thousands of families throughout the country.

Listening to some comments you could visualise some autocrat devising ways to make our lives miserable, whereas in fact we have very dedicated and focused experts working hard to get as many of us as possible through this horrible challenge so that we get to experience the light that is just about visible at the end of the tunnel.

In the meantime, can I ask the “they” brigade to become part of the “we” and refrain from tiring establishment bashing until the next general election when they can exercise their democratic right. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.