Abortion and the right to privacy


Sir, – Privacy is an important entitlement in a civilised society but when people are engaged in activity so uncivilised and barbaric as taking the life of an innocent unborn child, the right to privacy seems a nicety almost trivial in comparison to the enormity of the injustice being done to the child.

For the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin to speak publicly in support of the right to privacy of people seeking abortion and to remain totally silent about the right of the unborn child demonstrates the difficulty many practising Catholics have with the archbishop.

Liberal causes are supported publicly while the Catholic position is not denied but left unsupported. It continues to prove challenging to live in communion with someone who never loses an opportunity to show his approval for the liberal popular causes and personalities of the moment but who almost always fails to voice any support for his own community and what she stands for.



Dublin 6w.