Faster and fairer climate action

Time is of the essence

A chara, – The result of the newly published report by the Environmental Protection Agency must surely be a shake-up not of our climate targets but the path by which we realise decarbonisation and a carbon-free future. This requires faster and fairer climate action.

Government cannot continue to pick and choose elements of the Climate Action Plan for implementation. All efforts to implement the entirety of the plan is a must. One element of which – the establishment of a Just Transition Commission – can act as an accelerator for change across all sectors of our economy, while ensuring that the social, economic and environmental co-benefits for people and planet are at the centre of change.

Evidence from elsewhere is showing that with such commissions in place , governments are achieving change in key economic sectors to meet global commitments.

Government should now expedite the establishment of this commission to harness the collective power of employers, workers, and communities to bring about the change that is required.


Time is of the essence, and there is no room for hesitation if we are to achieve our targets by 2030. – Yours, etc,


The Liberties,

Dublin 8.