Ireland’s future – footing the bill

International support

Sir, – Padraic Murray suggest that unification might cost €10 billion annually and we need to focus on the services in the Republic we are prepared to diminish, be it in health, social welfare, education or capital expenditure (Letters, October 3rd).

He certainly isn’t looking at unification as a positive.

While undoubtedly as things stand now, there would be a levelling up requirement in the initial years between the two economies, just like what was required between East and West Germany following unification in 1990.

However, funding would not be an issue as a project of this size and ambition would have the enthusiastic support of the EU, the US and the UK government for decades.


It is unimaginable that Ireland as a sum of both parts would not achieve greater prosperity.

We are fortunate that we have a German blueprint on what can be achieved, which was on a far greater scale to anything required for a united Ireland. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.