Breda O’Brien: Why Leo Varadkar’s tactics may be pointless

Taoiseach’s calculated attacks have no guarantee of success in an era of political volatility

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Sinn Fein's Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald clashed in the Dail over the NI Executive. Video: Oireachtas TV

When the Taoiseach accused Mary Lou McDonald of resembling Marine Le Pen because she always returns to a script, it may not have been the finest hour in our parliamentary democracy, but it certainly rattled Mary Lou.

Which was probably exactly the effect that the Taoiseach was aiming for when he planned the moment. I am not saying that he scripted it, but Sinn Féin represents an electoral threat to Fine Gael. They have had the luxury of attacking from the comfort of the Opposition benches for a very long time.

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