Zimbabwe opposition leader unhurt in attack


Zimbabwean opposition leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai said today youth militia loyal to President Robert Mugabe had thrown stones at his car while he was on the way to his rural home, but no one was hurt.

Speaking after his return to Harare, Mr Tsvangirai said graduates of the government's national youth training programme attacked his convoy as it made a brief stop on the way to Buhera, southeast of the capital.

"We stopped at a shopping centre for some of my security people to make some purchases. Some green bombers (youth militia) threw stones at our cars and we quickly drove away," said Mr Tsvangirai. "Fortunately no one was injured".

Government officials were not available for comment. A police spokesman said he was not aware of the incident, widely reported by the media in South Africa.

Mr  Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is on trial for treason for allegedly trying to assassinate Mr Mugabe. He denies the charges.

The MDC has emerged as the strongest challenge to the president's 24-year grip on power as Zimbabwe grapples with an economic and political crisis widely blamed on his mismanagement.