Union calls on members to buy Irish


The State's largest union, Siptu, has today urged people to buy Irish products this Christmas.

In a statement, the National Executive Council of Siptu called on union members and their families to support jobs in Ireland by buying Irish.

Jack O'Connor, Siptu general president, said: “We know how hard pressed families will find it to make ends meet in these particularly difficult economic circumstances and they will rightly be looking for value for money.

"But if value for money is to be found in Irish goods and services, retail businesses have a responsibility to ensure that the purchase of Irish products is not disadvantaged competitively by price mark ups to enhance profit margins excessively.”

He continued: “Buying Irish this Christmas is in the national interest in a very definite economic sense as well as being patriotic. The cost of not doing so is far greater than the short term benefit from any particular price differential."

Mr O'Connor added: "The cost in jobs lost would only exacerbate the worsening tax/social welfare burden now being experienced.

“Every Irish job lost as a consequence would, in addition, result in further reductions in consumer expenditure in those same retail outlets."

Earlier this month, Lord Mayor of Dublin Eibhlin Byrne urged people to do their Christmas shopping in the capital.

“I would be concerned that if we don’t promote Dublin shopping the likes of Grafton Street will diminish. I would encourage people to show civic patriotism and make a special effort to do some focused shopping in the city,” she said.