Times Past


Fifty years hence this generation may be known as the age of pictures. There seems to be no limit to the popularity of pictures of every kind - still or moving, silent or talking. At the Savoy Hotel, London, on Tuesday, yet another triumph of science was recorded. A small, portable wireless set and an apparatus which had the appearance of a gramophone received pictures from Daventry. A cylinder revolved, and a needle began to dot out a portrait of the King in sepia, and afterwards a cartoon by Mr. Raven Hill, which the artist himself declared to be an excellent reproduction of the original. "Fultograph" sets probably will be on sale to the general public within a short time. This invention will enable citizens not only to "listen in," but to "look in," if the phrase is permissible. Pictures will be a regular feature of the programmes from Daventry and from some of the chief stations on the Continent.

The Irish Times, November 2nd, 1928.