12, Ubisoft, iOS

With Nintendo’s Wii U about to launch next week, Ubisoft has got in early with a new app that hooks up with one of its flagship titles for the console, ZombiU. Building some hype for the upcoming game, the app gives a preview of what to expect once ZombiU hits.

The app is designed to help you survive the virus outbreak that has turned friends and neighbours into zombies. First up is the infection simulator, which takes a photo of you and then outlines the progress of the disease using the photo. On day one, your skin gets clammy and you should head to quarantine.

By day three, your eyesight is worsening and the craving for human flesh is taking hold. At day seven, you’re looking worse for wear and decomposing. You can record an emergency message to let people know you are safe from the zombie outbreak. It comes complete with dodgy camera-work and a surprise photobomber. You can share these with friends, facebook and Twitter followers. Ultimately designed to sell you the game, it’s still a bit of fun.