Taxi drivers seek fuel surcharge


Taxi drivers are seeking a 50 cent surcharge per journey to compensate for the rising cost of fuel.

The National Taxi Drivers Union (NTDU) request is being considered by the taxi regulator Ger Deering who is due to take responsibility for fares from September 1 st.

Mr Deering said that the effect of any increase in the cost of fuel will be considered as part of the regulator's fare restructuring plans.

A spokeswoman for the NTDU said that taxi drivers currently have to absorb all increases in fuel prices and have no way to recoup this cost.

The surcharge could be a temporary measure and may be lifted once oil prices stabilise, she added.

The AA today called on the Government to combat the effect of rising petrol and diesel prices on consumers and businesses in the Republic.

The latest survey of fuel prices by the organisation shows that the national average price for petrol rose by another 3.2 per cent this month to 108.5 cent per litre. Diesel prices also rose sharply to 107.1 cent per litre.

"The Government does not need to moan about world markets," said AA public affairs manager Conor Faughnan. "They can reduce the burden on motorists and on businesses by reducing the tax take."