Inspection reports

Extracts from examinations of standards in direct provision centres for asylum seekers

The Old Convent
Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo
No of residents 293
Contractor Bridgestock

The number of general maintenance issues identified was too extensive to catalogue individually . . . It needs to be restated that the prevalence and frequency of the items requiring maintenance was extremely disappointing and is not acceptable to RIA [Reception and Integration Agency] . . . (March 2013)
Response The management said it had responded to issues highlighted, including tackling fire safety risks, deep cleaning and maintenance .
Great Western House
Frenchville Lane, Galway
No of residents 128
Contractor Shaun Hennelly

Bedroom needs attention immediately, very untidy and dirty. Requires deep clean. . . canopy over fryer and floor at service areas require deep clean . . . cooking appliances in rooms . . . firedoors on stairwells in apartment s are held open; must be kept closed at all times." ( January 2013)
Response Management said all issues highlighted were being attended to and would be completed within a week.
Athlone Centre
Ballymahon Road, Athlone
No of residents 290
Contractor Aramark Ltd

A major concern is the number of mobile homes that have one exit blocked . . . if in the event of fire at night, residents' escape would be impeded. All exits must be kept clear. Smoke detector batteries were dead in eight rooms . . . (December 2012)
Response Management says all obstructions have been removed and that notices are in place to ensure doors are kept clear at all times. All batteries for fire alarms have been replaced.
Clondalkin Towers*
Clondalkin, Dublin
No of residents 225
Contractor Rowtes Ltd

Food served at the time of inspection was cold, chicken curry. I asked chef to check temperature of chicken curry in bain maries, it was noted to be 48 degrees Celsius. This is in the "danger zone" range . . . Management must ensure bain marie is working correctly. In addition more frequent checks must be implemented.
Response Management pledges to introduce checks and equipment to ensure this is not repeated.

Millstreet Accommodation Centre
Drishane Castle, Co Cork
No of residents 236
Contractor Millstreet Equestrian Services Ltd

Downstairs fire extinguisher and fire blanket missing . . . fire door wedged open and other fire door blocked with clothes . . . only one designated and trained staff member to deal with child protections, require at least one other; restrictors required on windows of some rooms occupied by young children. (June 2012)
Response Management pledges to deal with all hazards, risks immediately.

* Inspection reports carried out by the Reception and Integration agency or by QTS, a private firm on behalf of the Agency were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act

Carl O'Brien

Carl O'Brien

Carl O'Brien is Education Editor of The Irish Times. He was previously chief reporter and social affairs correspondent